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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Have You Secured Your Financial Future?

What would you do if the world came crashing down on you? If the 2nd Great Depression was around the corner? If the boss suddenly sent out the order to retrench 2000 senior managers (and you were one of them)?

Friend, if you’re the least bit worried, you need to take action now to secure your financial future. They say, only 2 things are for sure in life – death and taxes. Nothing else is a definite and that includes financial security.

However, probability is a numbers game. That meaning you can tweak the numbers to your favour; no absolute guarantees though.

Most people try to invest their money in stocks, bonds, unit trusts, property, etc. While these have a long-running tradition in the world of men (relatively), the world has taken leaps and bounds into the information era yet only a handful have begun sowing seeds of wealth in the online market.

The Internet is and may be the largest market we’ll ever know, thanks to the never-ending region of cyberspace. This means unlimited room for growth and thus potential. A number of advantages Internet finance has over real-world businesses are as below:

· No need of a physical workplace. The only rent one has to pay online is the domain and hosting fees; assuming you don’t go for a free site. Even so, such fees for a single site will almost never reach the $100 mark per month. Besides that, due to the existence of cyberspace, a vast number of customers can be in your website at a single time if compared to a physical store which can only hold so many people.

· Lack of borders. Globalization means that anyone from anywhere can reach your website store; whether from the deep reaches of the Amazon or the scorching deserts of Egypt. Assuming they have Internet connection of course (that is a whopping 1 billion online users out of a world population of 6.5 billion *source: http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm*) Talk about a deep market folks.

· Lack of competition. Yes, does that surprise you? I won’t argue that the internet marketing niche or those of health and finance (sex even) are quite saturated. But then again, those are very general keywords and if you were to dig deeper, who knows what you may find? Specific niches or markets are known to be blue oceans or even competitor-less.

· Perfect information. Well, sort of. You can Google up your competitors or market leaders and see what they are up to, any new marketing ploys at work or their latest pricing strategies. And it’s even legit! This allows you to climb up the ranks of the industry without any prior knowledge even. Besides that, the availability of information also allows customers to find you, if you have done your SEO homework first.

The Internet opens up more possibilities than we may ever imagine. It’s time to grab hold of your life, secure financial security and achieve financial freedom through the biggest and best resource available to us.

Written by Damien Ng
CEO of Stellar Marketing Secrets


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